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June 2017
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Archive for 'Toddler'

Little Asian boy playing I’m Yours on ukulele

Wow, this little boy playing the ukulele is just adorable! Excellent rendition of “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz

Toddler boy and elephant

This little boy is looking down the trunk of an elephant!

Little boy and dog praying

Wow, this photo is powerful! A little boy and his dog praying before bed. Amazing.

Baby boy and three wise monkeys

How cute… this toddler boy is trying to show the see no evil monkey something

Toddler boy kissing a pig

Hehe ew, I hope this cute blonde baby boy got his face washed after this!

Blonde toddler boy with his cat

Baby boys seem to have a knack at making friends with animals, like this beautiful blonde toddler boy and his cat

Little boy sees a lobster for the first time

Watch this adorable toddler boy when he sees his first lobster! He is SO precious

Toddler boy in an airport luggage cart

Why that toddler boy is the cutest carry-on I have ever seen!

Handsome bright eyed boy

He’s got the eyes for modeling, that’s for sure!

Toddler boy sitting on a sidewalk

He just looks like he wants to play!

Toddler boy in the bath

I can’t get enough of these blue-eyed baby boys!

Smiling toddler in a blue blanket

Look at that 2 tooth smile on this cute little man!

Curly haired baby boy on a car

Super cute curly haired baby boy sitting on a car…Vroom Vroom!