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Naming your baby boy

Finding the perfect name for your baby boy can be an overwhelming task. His name will often be the first thing people learn about him throughout his life, and a name that is pleasing to the ear will help him go far. Your relatives and friends will probably want to offer their advice (and their names!) but remember, in the end the decision is between you and your spouse.

How do I start?

If you’re like many parents-to-be, you’ve likely had a list of your favorite names floating around in your head for quite some time. To get started, each parent should write a list of their favorite names which can be easily added to as you browse the baby boy names found here on

What are some tips for creating a harmonious name?

There is a lot to mull over when choosing a name for your baby boy. You will want to think about creating a pleasing verbal sound and written look, steering clear of potentially embarrassing nicknames or initials, considering the preferences of relatives and friends, and finding a name that is sufficiently unique, all while hopefully matching your baby boy’s name to his personality. That sounds like a lot of work! Here is a list of tips and guidelines to help you narrow down your list of favorite baby boy names:

  • Sound. When you say your baby boy’s name out loud, how does it sound? How does it flow with his last name? Is it too short, too long, or hard to pronounce? In general, pairing short first names with longer last names, and longer first names with shorter last names is a good practice.
  • Writing. The trend of spelling a regular name in a strange way is over. While it may look cute and unique to you, it will be a constant annoyance for your son. Try to stick to standard spellings.
    Uniqueness. Trendy, in-the-now names and overly generic names will leave your son in a classroom with four other boys of the same name. On the other hand, a name that is too out there could turn out to be difficult for other people to pronounce or spell, bringing your son negative attention. The best way to find harmony is to choose a unique first name if you have a common last name, or a well-known first name if you have an unusual last name.
  • Heritage. The tradition of naming sons after their fathers and grandfathers will always be alive and well. Traditions such as these are great ways to honor the person the name belongs to. However, you should never feel pressured into using a name you don’t like because someone else wants you to. If you want to honor a father or other relative when naming your son, but you’re not particularly fond of the name in question, consider using it as a middle name, or experiment with using the father’s middle name instead.
  • Nicknames and initials. Always be aware of what your son’s initials spell, and pay attention to any obvious nicknames that he might be given. Richard Wood might sound like a nice name, but Dick Wood… well, you get the idea. Kids are very creative, and they can be very cruel, too. If you can anticipate and avoid an embarrassing nickname you will be doing your son a huge favor. If you are thinking about an unusual first name, consider a middle name that many nicknames can be taken from just in case your son isn’t happy with his first name. For example, Jonathan as a middle name can become Jon, Jonny, or Nathan as a nickname.

Now what?

The tips above are only guidelines for choosing a good name for your baby boy. Ultimately, the most important thing to remember when choosing a name is the preference of you and your spouse. To make finding the perfect name even easier, check out our list of things to avoid when choosing a name for your baby boy.

Happy searching!

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